Howard University Physics Alumni Club




This document is the approved Constituion and Bylaws of the Howard University Physics Alumni Club, hereinafter called “Chapter”. The Chapter is founded as a Constituent Unit of the Howard University Alumni Association, hereinafter called “HUAA” or “Association”, which is an organization formed as a unit of Howard University, as tax-exempt entity pursuant to Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).


Section 1 - Name

The name of the organization is “The Howard University Physics Alumni Club”.

Section 2

The Chapter has been organized to represent the Physics Department alumni of Howard University. The Chapter shall operate within all the terms and conditions of these Bylaws.

Section 3 - Purpose

The purpose of the Chapter shall be to:

A. Promote Howard University as an institution of academic excellence and to create and maintain an environment that encourages alumni participation through volunteerism and financial support for the University.
B. Promote closer fellowship among the alumni, our community and the current student body.
C. Establish a medium for serving and supporting the university in the advancement of higher education.
D. Keep the physics alumni informed concerning their alma mater, its problems, needs, plans and its progress toward the realization of its goals.
E. Recruit students to Howard University.
F. Assist in establishing scholarship programs for students at Howard University.


Section 1 - Authority

The Chapter has been formed in accordance with the Constitution of the HUAA; the Chapter shall not operate as a separately incorporated entity or take any action to seek separate tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(3). The Chapter’s authority to operate is derived solely from the HUAA Constitution, as amended and approved by the Howard University Board of Trustees.

Section 2

The Chapter shall comply with all policies and procedures set forth by HUAA and Howard University prior to entering into any contract or agreements with third parties, or incurring any liabilities or obligations. The Chapter shall not engage in any activity or take any action that would adversely impact Howard University’s status as a tax-exempt organization, nor shall the Chapter engage in any activity or take any action that would damage or cause injury to the stature or reputation of the University.


Section 1

All members of the Chapter shall be Regular Members or Associate Members of HUAA. Members have the right to vote at all general meetings of the Chapter, to receive all publications and notices of general meetings to be held under the auspices of the Chapter, and to participate in activities held in the name of and for the Chapter.

Section 2 – Membership Eligibility

Individuals shall be eligible for Membership in the Chapter as proscribed below:

A.All physics department graduates of Howard University shall be eligible for membership status in the Chapter.

B.Faculty and staff of the University who do not qualify for Membership under Section 1 or Section 2 of this Article, and spouses of individuals who qualify for Membership are eligible to become Associate Members of the Chapter subject to approval by the Director of Alumni Relations. The Executive Committee of the Association shall have the right to approve or reject any determination of the Director of Alumni Relations and the determination of the Executive Committee shall be final.

Section 3 – Active Membership

Active membership is held by individuals who are eligible as proscribed above and have paid current membership dues of the Chapter and national dues of HUAA.

Section 4 – Revocation of Membership

The Chapter Officers may revoke the membership of any individual in the Chapter for good cause, including, but not limited to, actions by an individual which bring disrepute upon Howard University or adversely affect the image or reputation of the University. Any determination by the Chapter Officers to revoke the membership status of any individual shall have the right to appeal the determination to the Executive Committee of the Association whose decision shall be final


Section 1 - Dues

Annual Chapter dues of Active Membership shall be $35 (thirty-five dollars). The amount of the dues may be changed by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Chapter members. The amount of annual national dues of HUAA is thirty-five dollars ($35.00). HUAA may increase or decrease annual national dues in accordance with the terms of its Constitution. National dues collected by the Chapter must be sent to the Department of Alumni Relations within thirty (30) days of collection.

Section 2

No individual shall be considered to be a member in good standing of the Chapter, or a member in good standing of HUAA, unless and until such local and national dues or life membership dues have been paid in full. An individual who fails to pay annual dues when due shall automatically cease to be a member in good standing of the Chapter and HUAA.


Section 1 – General Assembly Meetings

There shall be no less than one General Assembly meeting called each year at a date and time to be determined by the Officers. Any other General Assembly meetings may be held as necessary and called by the President and/or two-thirds majority of the Council.

Section 2 – General Meetings

General meetings of the members shall be held at such date, time and place as shall be determined by the members. Special Meetings of the members may be called for any purpose by or at the request of the President.

Section 3 – Notification of Meetings

All members shall be notified of the date and time of each meeting no less than ten days prior to the actual date of the meeting. Notice of meetings of members shall be delivered personally, posted on the Chapter’s website, or sent by mail or by e-mail to each member.

Section 4 - Quorum

The presence of at least fifty-one percent (51%) of members in good standing shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business by the Chapter. If no quorum is present, any action taken at the meeting will be valid if the majority of the members at the meeting ratify such action. Except as otherwise provided by these Bylaws, the act of a majority of the members present and voting at a meeting at which a quorum is present shall be the act of the Chapter.

Section 5 - Election of Officers

At the first meeting of the membership at which these Bylaws are adopted, the members shall elect the officers specified in Article VI. The terms of the officers elected shall expire on the last day of September of every year. The membership shall elect officers every year.

Section 6 - Removal of Officers

Any elected officer may be removed by two-thirds (2/3) vote of Chapter members for cause including, but not limited to, conduct which would bring damage or injury to the stature or reputation of Howard University and/or the Association and/or the Chapter.

The Vice President for University Advancement, in accordance with the Office of General Counsel, reserves the right to remove an elected officer of the Chapter who has taken any action or engaged in any activity which has brought damage or injury to the stature or reputation of Howard University, the Association or the Chapter.


Section 1 - Officers

The Officers of this Chapter shall be President, Vice-President, Financial Secretary, Secretary and Treasurer.

Section 2 - Terms

Each officer shall serve for a term of one year may be elected for up to two consecutive terms in the same office. Each officer must remain a dues paying member in good standing with the Chapter and HUAA during his or her term.

Section 3

Officers shall perform the duties in these Bylaws and shall deliver to their successors all materials pertaining to their respective offices within thirty days after an election meeting or upon their resignation from office.


Section 1 – President

The President shall preside at all meetings of the Chapter and Executive Committee meetings. The President shall also be the principal representative of the Chapter. The President may appoint any special officers, the standing committees, program committees, and other committees necessary for efficient functioning of the Chapter and appoint replacement officers to fill unexpired terms in case of resignation, death or disability, subject to the two-thirds approval of the Officers.

Section 2 - Vice-President

The Vice-President shall assist the President in the carrying out of his/her duties and responsibilities in any way as so desired by the President and to be the President's direct representative. In the event of absence or incapacity of the President, the Vice-President shall perform all duties prescribed in Section 1 of this Article. In case of resignation, or disability of the President, the Vice-President serves as President for the unexpired part of the term.

Section 3 – Treasurer

The Treasure shall monitor and be responsible for all funds of the Chapter and shall promptly remit all required funds and financial documents to the Department of Alumni Relations in accordance with Howard University policy as amended. If required by the Department of Alumni Relations or by law, the Treasurer shall give a bond for the faithful discharge of his or her duties in such amounts and with such surety, as the Department of Alumni Relations shall determine. The Treasure must forward national dues or donations to the Department of Alumni Affairs within thirty (30) days of receipt.

The Treasurer must keep an accurate record of receipts and disbursements and submit a written report at each meeting and provide an annual financial statement at the annual General Assembly meeting. The Treasure shall keep possession of a checking account, which checks must be cosigned by the President and the Treasurer. Also the Treasurer shall assume the duties of the President, in the event that both the President and Vice-President are absent.

Section 4 - Financial Secretary

The Financial Secretary is the collector of all monies received by the Chapter from any source. The Financial Secretary records all monies received and submits to the Treasurer for deposit in the Chapter’s bank account. The Financial Secretary shall write and sign orders of payment and present orders of payment to the Treasurer for approval, who issues checks thereon, affixing the Treasurer’s signature thereon, together with that of the President.

The Financial Secretary shall collect dues and assessments, giving proper receipt therefor and notify by mail those members who are in default with the payment of dues and assessments. The Financial Secretary shall be responsible for ensuring the membership lists are updated on a timely basis and all applications for membership are properly handled. The Financial Secretary is to announce members in default with the payments of dues to the Executive Committee. The Financial Secretary shall maintain up to date financial records, particularly those entrusted to the Financial Secretary by the Chapter.

Section 5 – Secretary

The Secretary shall keep and maintain minutes of all meetings of members; provide all notices as required by these Bylaws. The Secretary shall be custodian of the Chapter’s records and keep an up-to-date copy of the Constitution and Bylaws and have this copy present at all meetings. Also the Secretary will perform all other duties incident to the office of Secretary and such other duties that may be assigned by the President or the members.


Section 1 – Executive Committee

The Chapter shall have an Executive Committee consisting of the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer, the Financial Secretary and the Secretary, and such other members as the Chapter may determine from time to time.

Section 2 – Executive Committee Meetings

The Executive Committee shall have the right to act for the Chapter and to approve all actions or activities on behalf of the Chapter between regularly scheduled membership meetings, subject to the limitations on authority contained within these Bylaws. Executive Committee meetings may be held in any reasonable manner, including in person or by telephone. The Executive Committee may also authorize any act by written consent, executed by a majority of members of the Executive Committee present. The presence of a majority of the members of the Executive Committee at a duly called meeting shall constitute a quorum.

Section 3 – Nominations Committee

The Chapter shall have a Nominations Committee appointed by the Chapter that shall nominate all candidates for officers of the Chapter. Each member shall also have the right to nominate candidates for officers of the Chapter by sending a written nomination to the Secretary of the Chapter, at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting at which the election is to be held, or by making a motion to nominate a candidate at such meeting. The Nominations Committee shall annually select a slate of suggested nominees for the officers of the Chapter. Prior to the General Assembly meeting the Nominations Committee shall solicit names of candidates for officers of the Chapter from members of the Executive Committee and the general membership. A brief biographical sketch of each nominee for the officers of the Chapter shall be presented to the Executive Committee by the Nominations Committee.

Section 4 – Other Committees

The Chapter may have other such committees as the members may specify such as Fundraising, Publicity, and Special Events and each committee shall have such authority as the members may specify. Vacancies in the membership of any committee shall be filled by the President.

Section 5 – Committee Rules

Minutes shall be recorded of all Executive Committee proceedings. Minutes shall be recorded of all other committee meetings, or a report of such meetings must be given at general membership meetings. All Standing Committee chairs should complete an annual written report of committee proceedings and should forward their report to the Executive Committee prior to the General Assembly meeting.

Each committee may adopt such rules for its meetings and conduct of its activities, as it may deem appropriate, as long as such rules are not inconsistent with applicable law, the Constitution of the Association and these Bylaws. Any committee chairperson may request the President to call a special meeting. He or she must state the purpose of the requested meeting. The President may comply at his/her discretion.


Section 1 – Books and Records

The Chapter shall keep complete books and records of accounts, which shall be provided annually to the Department of Alumni Relations. The Chapter shall also keep minutes of general membership meetings.

Section 2 – Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the Chapter shall be from July 1 through June 30, or as the fiscal year, as amended by Howard University or as required by law.

Section 3 – Compliance with Association (HUAA) and Howard University Policies

The Chapter shall at all times comply with and adhere to all policies and procedures of the Association and Howard University that are applicable to the Chapter as such policies and procedures may be amended and modified by the Association or Howard University.

Section 4 – Robert’s Rules of Order

The Chapter shall, where appropriate in conducting meetings, use Robert’s Rules of Order, as revised.


Section 1

The Bylaws herein, may be amended, modified or repealed, and new Bylaws may be at any regular meeting by a two-thirds vote of those present. Chapter members in good standing shall be notified of such recommended amendments at least ten days prior to the scheduled meeting at which the vote is taken. Such approved changes shall be subject to ratification by the Alumni Council the Association and the Alumni Board.